Sava River Bridge at Sremska Raca

The main Bridge over the Sava River at Sremska Raca, on the highway Kuzmin -Sremska Raca, length of 330m, having spans 90+150+90m, consists of 2 steel box beams with constant depth.

The trapezoidal single-cell box section, with both-sided cantilevers, has orthotropic plate upper flange. Total length of the bridge, including approach structures is 1321m.


Piers are common for both bridge structures. Two cofferdam structures, based on tubular steel piles sheeting, with lean concrete bottom, were executed for construction of river piers in dry condition, after previously performed pile foundation.


The entire bridge steel structure (5000t) was fabricated in factory in Turkey. Two box beams were divided in 23 blocks, each consisting of 7 segments per block. After trial assembly, blocks disassembled in segments were transported by means of long trucks from factory to the construction site.


Sava Bridge Incremental Launching